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What’s a Cricut? How about SCAL?

So,… I was flicking through the television channels one night, when I came across these chipper ladies going about their business of paper crafting and glass etching. All with the help of this machine called the Cricut; made by the ProvoCraft company.

While it looks much like a printer, the Cricut is actually a personally cutter. One that takes (very expensive) cartridges with images on them to make die-cuts out of everything from paper… to chipboard… to vinyl even!! Sounds great, but pricey!

When we were walking past the craft department in Wal-Mart one day, I pointed one out to a friend of mine. I told her how I’d love to own one, but refuse to have to buy a bunch of cartridges (much like hard die-cut machine ‘planks’ that also end up costing a fortune). I was thinking the Cricut people should come up with a way for us to download our own images onto one of those cartridges, much like we download music onto MP3 players. Then they did it!! Not exactly what I was thinking… but better!! …….

Who’s they? At first, ProvoCraft (the Cricut people) came up with their own software program for the Cricut called Design Studio, I think. I don’t use it though, because it requires you to own all the cartridges (and to have them plugged in – either to the Cricut or through the Cricut Jukebox accessory) in order to use their images. The CraftEdge company, on the other hand, hit it right on the head with their Cricut software, Sure Cuts A Lot, which allows its users to cut from millions of (free and cheap) fonts and images available on the internet… and even ones already on our computers! The image and text possibilities are endless… and basically free once you own the SCAL software (though there is stuff you can buy if you want)!!

In short, between Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL) and another software program called InkScape (a vector editing software program available free online), even the most novice of computer users can convert regular images found online and all around us into files that SCAL can use to cut with. SCAL even allows you to view exactly what you’ll be cutting and where on the mat it is to be cut from before you ever click the “cut” button. SCAL can also cut any text or dingbat font you have installed on your pc. So…. with SCAL, we never have to buy a cartridge (other than the one or two the machines usually come with). It’s great stuff!! AND it’s what finally convinced me to spend $300 on a Cricut machine (and about $70 on the SCAL software).

I’ve got so much more to share with the scrapbookers, cardmakers, stampers, interior decorators, and craftsmen and women of the world. But I’ve got to end my rambling for one day. I’ll tell you more another day.

For now, please feel free to check out the Cricut, Sure Cuts a Lot, and InkScape websites for yourself:
Sure Cuts a Lot from CraftEdge:
SCAL2 logo


Thanks for checking out my new blog!! Talk to ya again soon!!

~Vickie 🙂

PS – please bear with me while I do my best to make this blog more visually, creatively, and intellectually stimulating.

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