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Making Photopolymer Stamps and Texture Plates

Did you know there’s a product out there that allows you to create your own rubber/semi-clear polymer stamps and only costs around $40 ($20 for refills)? All you need to provide is a 60 watt bulb in a flexible lamp and some dish soap. You can even make stamps from images on your pc (even photos) by printing their black & white negatives on your printer on the vellum paper included. Software is also included, but I use my own. The kit is called Stamp!t and you can buy it from Just Rite Stampers (link noted at the bottom of this post).

Here’s a pic of my first stamp made with Stamp!t. Once made, the stamps are of a pale translucent yellow color. Mine is also died with Xmas colors. (Names blurred to protect the innocent.) 🙂

Industrial stamp making options are also available in Just Rite Stampers’ (JRS) Lightbox kits.
JRS also sells a photopolmer kit that you can use w/ your 60 watt lamp to make embossing/texture plates (similar to Fiskars) to use with your embossing machine!! The same company just introduced a new flash self-inking stamp maker worthy of taking a look at as well.

Other Options: ProvoCraft also makes Cricut Cuttables to cut your own (non-detailed) rubber stamps & embossing folders.

For stamps of simple designs (like silhouettes), Cricut Cuttables may be the best, most economic choice. If you want to make more detailed stamps, go with photopolymer/clear rubber from the Stamp!t people.

As for the embossing folders & texture plates – I’ll skip both retailers’ kits for now. Simple recycled boxes & mailers make great materials for making fairly detailed embossing folders. If I find a need for more detailed embossing folders or texture plates, I’d probably go with Just Rite Stampers kit to make photopolymer texture plates.

For more info, visit:
Stamp!t seller
Cricut Cuttables Maker

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