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FREE SVG File – Customizable Interstate & Highway Signs

Anybody go on any good road trips this past summer? Here are a couple of road signs to help you document those Kodak moments. Enjoy!! 🙂

Right-click here and “Save Target As” to download the SVG file to your computer.

Happy Crafting!!

~Vickie 🙂

SVG FILE For Sale – Deckled Torn-Edge Squares & Rectangles

Deckled / Torn-Edge Squares and Rectangles – with 4 varieties of ‘deckles’

3-Pack CD or DVD Holders 3-Pack CD or DVD Holders

Ever seen those neat ‘Nestabilities’ deckled rectangles that Spellbinders makes to use with die-cutting & embossing machines like the Cuttlebug and Big Shot? Ever wish you could cut out those designs on your Cricut? Now you can!

I always wanted to buy Nestabilities, but they are so expensive. I looked everywhere and could not find one single person offering deckled rectangle SVGs. So, we’ve created these new SVGs to fill that missing void. They’ve surely improved our scrapbooking layouts and cards, and I’m sure they’ll do the same for you and yours.

You can layer them inside of each other or layer them with other shapes (like plain squares and rectangles).

You can even use these in your embossing machine to emboss these cool deckle shapes into your paper designs – maybe you cut a deckled square in one size and then emboss it with a size just smaller than that. To learn more about how to make your own embossing folders & texture plates using your Cricut, click HERE and HERE: – these homemade embossing plates can be made to use in any and all ‘pasta roller’ type paper embossing machines.

These SVG files work great with either SCAL2 or MTC. You can easily separate (or “break apart”) these nested shapes using either software.

There are 4 different ‘styles’ of deckled squares & rectangles here. I started out making the lightly deckled ones, but then felt that the deckles needed more depth (especially when scaled down to make smaller shapes). So, I proceeded to make not only a moderately deckled version, but extremely and super-extremely deckled versions!! I think there’s probably something here for everyone’s deckle desires.

Included SVG Files: (created at about 6”, able to be resized)
1. Lightly Deckled Squares & Rectangles (2 of each, several sizes of each)
2. Moderately Deckled Square & Rectangle (several sizes of each)
3. Extremely Deckled Square & Rectangle (several sizes of each)
4. Super-Extremely Deckled Square & Rectangle (several sizes of each)

Cost: $2.00

Please visit My SVG Store to purchase this or any of the SVG files that I’ve got for sale. 🙂

Making Photopolymer Stamps and Texture Plates

Did you know there’s a product out there that allows you to create your own rubber/semi-clear polymer stamps and only costs around $40 ($20 for refills)? All you need to provide is a 60 watt bulb in a flexible lamp and some dish soap. You can even make stamps from images on your pc (even photos) by printing their black & white negatives on your printer on the vellum paper included. Software is also included, but I use my own. The kit is called Stamp!t and you can buy it from Just Rite Stampers (link noted at the bottom of this post).

Here’s a pic of my first stamp made with Stamp!t. Once made, the stamps are of a pale translucent yellow color. Mine is also died with Xmas colors. (Names blurred to protect the innocent.) 🙂

Industrial stamp making options are also available in Just Rite Stampers’ (JRS) Lightbox kits.
JRS also sells a photopolmer kit that you can use w/ your 60 watt lamp to make embossing/texture plates (similar to Fiskars) to use with your embossing machine!! The same company just introduced a new flash self-inking stamp maker worthy of taking a look at as well.

Other Options: ProvoCraft also makes Cricut Cuttables to cut your own (non-detailed) rubber stamps & embossing folders.

For stamps of simple designs (like silhouettes), Cricut Cuttables may be the best, most economic choice. If you want to make more detailed stamps, go with photopolymer/clear rubber from the Stamp!t people.

As for the embossing folders & texture plates – I’ll skip both retailers’ kits for now. Simple recycled boxes & mailers make great materials for making fairly detailed embossing folders. If I find a need for more detailed embossing folders or texture plates, I’d probably go with Just Rite Stampers kit to make photopolymer texture plates.

For more info, visit:
Stamp!t seller
Cricut Cuttables Maker

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