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CRICUT (SCAL) SOFTWARE NEWS: SCAL3 is NOT compatible with the Cricut

As expected, SCAL3 is NOT compatible with the Cricut… ProvoCraft (maker of the Cricut) is starting much the same nonsense with CraftEdge (maker of Sure Cuts A Lot) as they did with the Make-the-Cut maker!!

In my opinion, ProvoCraft should recognize that the makers of SCAL and MTC have allowed ProvoCraft to sell more Cricuts – I would have never bought a Cricut if there wasn’t software out there that made it so we didn’t have to buy a bunch of expensive cartridges!!

At least I have past versions of both software titles’ installation files backed up on my pc – they can’t take away MY freedom 🙂

Here’s the scoop on SCAL: (this page includes a good list of machines that do work with SCAL – if my Cricut ever breaks, I’ll definitely be switching the type of machine I’m using. ProvoCraft is really making a big mistake!!) Here’s a cool podcast from SVGCuts that talks about a couple of other cutting machines: 

Here’s the scoop on MTC (my thoughts and a link to more info on the MTC forum):

New Files for Sale – Digital Pattern Paper (JPG) for Valentine’s Day & a 3D Easter Basket SVG

New Items in My SVG Store:

NEW Digital Pattern Paper for Valentine’s Day (JPG) and any day you need to send some love!!

NEW 3D Easter Basket SVG

CraftEdge Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL) Discount – 10% off sale

Kewl beans…

Check this out my crafty friends… You can get SCAL2 for just under $54 if you act now… while they have an Easter Sale going on (save $15.05) AND you can add this 10% off coupon code to your cart (save another $6):

Coupon: 8774959

Discount is not valid for version 2 upgrades.

Discount is for 10% off and will expire on 4/12/2010 11:59PM PST


Viewing SVGs in Internet Explorer & Windows

Ever wish you could view your SVG files like you do with JPGs, GIFs, etc.? You know what I mean… view them along side all your other thumbnail images within a Windows folder on your pc or full-sized in Internet Explorer.

I’m not sure how Mac computers work, but I know that those running Windows XP (and likely Vista) or prior are unable to view SVG thumbnails or images in Internet Explorer. But, there’s a solution! Just download either the IE plug-in or Windows plug-in available here:… umm, never mind! That page is now in Japanese or Chinese or something. (Thanks to PJ for pointing this out to me!)

I can’t seem to find a good link to send you to, so, if you still use Windows XP or other 32 bit systems, just email me and I’ll send you the install file that i use. You can also do an internet search for Renesis SVG Browser or Player. If you happen to find a working link that’s in English, let me know and we’ll share it with the world 🙂

Now, you don’t need to save any more JPG versions of your SVGs just so you can view them in IE or their thumbnails in Windows – by eliminating all those JPGs, you save about 50% of the computer memory spent on cutting files! 🙂

Tip: try not to let your digital artwork folders (on your pc) become too full. Trying to load a lot of SVG thumbnails at once can freeze up the window(s) you have open at the time. I just do my best to keep folder sizes small by breaking larger folders down into smaller ones (aka: breaking down my art topics folders into sub-topic folders). Then all the folder’s thumbnails load without freezing up the window.

My Fave Sites to Find SVG Files

Hot off the presses…. if you check out my links on the right, you’ll see all the sites that I check-in with on a regular basis. They all provide quality SVG files to be used with your Cricut and Sure Cuts a Lot or Make the Cut software. Many of them offer FREE SVGs. Many of these crafty people have blogs and stores – make sure you watch their blogs if you’re interested in store discounts and/or freebies! 🙂

Enjoy & happy crafting!!

~Vickie 🙂

PS – SCAL and Make the Cut also allow you to cut letters and shapes using the fonts installed on your computer – this includes dingbat fonts, which are really images obtained by typing on the keyboard. If you somehow find the time to go through all the links on the right and you still desire more …. do an internet search for free fonts. There are probably billions of them available free online. I’ve even purchased dingbat fonts that are made up of things like flower images and box templates. You might press “P” and get a french fry box template cut out – all ready to fold and stuff with fries! 🙂

Making Photopolymer Stamps and Texture Plates

Did you know there’s a product out there that allows you to create your own rubber/semi-clear polymer stamps and only costs around $40 ($20 for refills)? All you need to provide is a 60 watt bulb in a flexible lamp and some dish soap. You can even make stamps from images on your pc (even photos) by printing their black & white negatives on your printer on the vellum paper included. Software is also included, but I use my own. The kit is called Stamp!t and you can buy it from Just Rite Stampers (link noted at the bottom of this post).

Here’s a pic of my first stamp made with Stamp!t. Once made, the stamps are of a pale translucent yellow color. Mine is also died with Xmas colors. (Names blurred to protect the innocent.) 🙂

Industrial stamp making options are also available in Just Rite Stampers’ (JRS) Lightbox kits.
JRS also sells a photopolmer kit that you can use w/ your 60 watt lamp to make embossing/texture plates (similar to Fiskars) to use with your embossing machine!! The same company just introduced a new flash self-inking stamp maker worthy of taking a look at as well.

Other Options: ProvoCraft also makes Cricut Cuttables to cut your own (non-detailed) rubber stamps & embossing folders.

For stamps of simple designs (like silhouettes), Cricut Cuttables may be the best, most economic choice. If you want to make more detailed stamps, go with photopolymer/clear rubber from the Stamp!t people.

As for the embossing folders & texture plates – I’ll skip both retailers’ kits for now. Simple recycled boxes & mailers make great materials for making fairly detailed embossing folders. If I find a need for more detailed embossing folders or texture plates, I’d probably go with Just Rite Stampers kit to make photopolymer texture plates.

For more info, visit:
Stamp!t seller
Cricut Cuttables Maker

So, … I got a Cricut and Some Coupons

My Growing Craft Room
… and I just about went crazy decking out my new craft room… a room that never used to be until I bought the Cricut!! I think I’ve been bit by ‘the bug’!!

You too can get all sorts of great crafting products at great discount prices to deck out your new or existing craft room by using any of the following sources to get your own 40-50% off coupons for some of the best craft supply stores… like Michael’s, Joann’s, HobbyLobby, and more!! Just visit: SVGCuts’ coupon corner, MyCricutScrapbooking blog, or the VisualDesignsByChris Forum.

My latest item from Michael’s…. another bug, from ProvoCraft!

I had to get a Cuttlebug – the kewlest and most versatile embossing (and die-cutting) machine. And, if you view some of the YouTube videos out there, you can even learn to make your own embossing folders and texture plates to use with the Cuttlebug (using Cricut or other cut-outs of chipboard, recycled mailer envelopes, cereal boxes, or cardstock pack covers)! That’s a savings of about $6 per (Cuttlebug) embossing folder and at least $1 or more per (Fiskars) texture plate (and one less piece of paper in some land fill)!! Love it!!

Gosh, this paper crafting thing is such great fun! And soooooooo addictive!!

Chat soon,
Vickie 🙂

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