As expected, SCAL3 is NOT compatible with the Cricut… ProvoCraft (maker of the Cricut) is starting much the same nonsense with CraftEdge (maker of Sure Cuts A Lot) as they did with the Make-the-Cut maker!!

In my opinion, ProvoCraft should recognize that the makers of SCAL and MTC have allowed ProvoCraft to sell more Cricuts – I would have never bought a Cricut if there wasn’t software out there that made it so we didn’t have to buy a bunch of expensive cartridges!!

At least I have past versions of both software titles’ installation files backed up on my pc – they can’t take away MY freedom 🙂

Here’s the scoop on SCAL: (this page includes a good list of machines that do work with SCAL – if my Cricut ever breaks, I’ll definitely be switching the type of machine I’m using. ProvoCraft is really making a big mistake!!) Here’s a cool podcast from SVGCuts that talks about a couple of other cutting machines: 

Here’s the scoop on MTC (my thoughts and a link to more info on the MTC forum):

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  1. gardenfrog said:

    I bought a cricut thinking I could have the best of both worlds. Only to find out now that I can’t buy software to do my own designs. Is there any way to get a hold of sure cuts 2 or anything like it out there free or shareware?

    • Unfortunately, all resellers that I know of were forced to stop selling it. Cricits became awesome for a little while there, then they decided to sue SCAL & MTC makers… Now they’re not so great if u don’t have SCAL2 or the old MTC to go with your Cricut, not the most recent Cricut though- they don’t work with any software but their own. 🙁

  2. I was looking at the new cricut online design program (craftroom) but it asks me to update the firmware of my cricut. I’m concerned that the update would make my already installed version of SCAL incompatible. Have you had any experience regarding this?

    • Hi there!

      You are wise to wonder on that one. I believe that, with all new circuits being non compatible w SCAL (& the new SCAL versions being non-compatible with any Cricuts), I would not update to the new firmware if u want SCAL to keep working w that Cricut machine. I’m personally not gonna do it – I’ve got too much invested in my old Cricut expression, MTC & SCAL, and hundreds of thousands of SVGs to risk losing it all on a firmware update! I figure, if it ain’t broke…

      And if it does break, I’ll go buy a different brand of cutter. I think provocraft is crazy for suing the software creators – if it weren’t for MTC & SCAL, I would’ve never bought a Cricut!!

      Thanx 4 stoppin by. Best wishes to ya! Hope u have a great holiday.

      Happy Crafting!!

      ~ Vickie 🙂

  3. Hi, I just bought the Silhouette Cameo, what a wonderful machine. I owned every cricut the create the expression the cake mini and the Imagine. I think Provo craft is just greedy I have over 150 cartridges and I own SCAL 2 & SCAL3, and was still buying cartridges. BIg mistake Provo Craft. I am selling all my machines. The Silhouette Cameo does everything it even has a print and cut feature where you can use your own printer to print and then the Silhouette cuts it out sooooooooooooooooo awesome. So I say ditch the Cricut and go Silhouette you won’t be sorry it was the best money I ever spent I LOVE this machine.

    • Hi Debby, Thanks for stopping’ by! I’m with u on this one. My next machine will be one made by anybody but Provocraft! As a business professional & advisor, I can say with 101% certainty, greed will get you no where… customer satisfaction needs to be #1. Once the other digi cutters start showing up on infomercials like the Cricut, and people become aware of the fact that there are other options out there that are far superior to the Cricut, I can’t imagine provocraft will still be around much longer. Though, I must admit the cuttlebug’s still handy. 🙂

      Happy crafting!
      ~ Vickie 🙂

    • I am Sooooo glad I found this! I only heard of scal an hour ago and got really excited, thank goodness to be able to research. I’ve been considering a cameo for a while and this just reinforces that it is the way to go. I likely would have still been buying provocraft anyway but because of their greed stifling creativity they’ve lost this customer

      • I hear ya Amber! My thoughts exactly. I made my last provocraft purchase a couple years ago, back when I started my blog… Both of which happened because there was finally a way to use the Cricut, SCAL, & MTC with our own designs. If it weren’t for SCAL & MTC, I would’ve never bought the Cricut, only to invest hundreds or even thousand of dollars in cartridges. I can only imagine how much my 100,000+ designs would have cost me if I had to buy them all on cartridges!

        Thanx for stopping by & leaving ur comment. If you’d like, feel free to subscribe to my blog to get notices when I post new freebies & other files.

        Happy crafting!

    • how does the sihouette cut as far as cutting rhinestone templates? i have a cricut and a pazzle.

      • Hello Lisa! Thanks for stopping by! At this time, I am still using just a Cricut. Hopefully some of our other readers will be able to provide both of us (& others) with their opinions on other cutting machines. I look forward to buying a different one myself.

        Sorry I couldn’t be of more help on this one. Maybe I should upload another freebie SVG file and ask others what their favorite cutters are and why. Yes, I think I’ll do that today! 🙂

        Feel free to subscribe to my blog and you’ll get emails when new posts are posted.

        Hope this helps! Happy crafting!

        ~ Vickie 🙂

  4. Hello !
    I am writing from France. I lived few years ago in the states and I just loved it !!!
    Any way, now I am loking for a SCAL (even an old version) for my new Cricut Expression V1 ( and not the V2 beacause it does not work) that is coming home soon.
    In France I can’t find it 🙁 !
    Do you know where I could find it here ?
    An on line store where I could by it.
    Thanks a lot for your answers.

    • I’m sorry, i don’t know where you can buy old versions of software titles. Maybe you can email the makers of SCAL and/or MTC to ask them if they can sell you an older version.

      Thanks for stopping by & leaving your comment though! 🙂

    • ambre, check out this link for an older version of SCAL. But you should email the shop owner to find out if your specific Cricut machine is compatible…before you purchase.

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