Deckled / Torn-Edge Squares and Rectangles – with 4 varieties of ‘deckles’

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Ever seen those neat ‘Nestabilities’ deckled rectangles that Spellbinders makes to use with die-cutting & embossing machines like the Cuttlebug and Big Shot? Ever wish you could cut out those designs on your Cricut? Now you can!

I always wanted to buy Nestabilities, but they are so expensive. I looked everywhere and could not find one single person offering deckled rectangle SVGs. So, we’ve created these new SVGs to fill that missing void. They’ve surely improved our scrapbooking layouts and cards, and I’m sure they’ll do the same for you and yours.

You can layer them inside of each other or layer them with other shapes (like plain squares and rectangles).

You can even use these in your embossing machine to emboss these cool deckle shapes into your paper designs – maybe you cut a deckled square in one size and then emboss it with a size just smaller than that. To learn more about how to make your own embossing folders & texture plates using your Cricut, click HERE and HERE: – these homemade embossing plates can be made to use in any and all ‘pasta roller’ type paper embossing machines.

These SVG files work great with either SCAL2 or MTC. You can easily separate (or “break apart”) these nested shapes using either software.

There are 4 different ‘styles’ of deckled squares & rectangles here. I started out making the lightly deckled ones, but then felt that the deckles needed more depth (especially when scaled down to make smaller shapes). So, I proceeded to make not only a moderately deckled version, but extremely and super-extremely deckled versions!! I think there’s probably something here for everyone’s deckle desires.

Included SVG Files: (created at about 6”, able to be resized)
1. Lightly Deckled Squares & Rectangles (2 of each, several sizes of each)
2. Moderately Deckled Square & Rectangle (several sizes of each)
3. Extremely Deckled Square & Rectangle (several sizes of each)
4. Super-Extremely Deckled Square & Rectangle (several sizes of each)

Cost: $2.00

Please visit My SVG Store to purchase this or any of the SVG files that I’ve got for sale. 🙂

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  1. these are fantastic – but how do I break them apart in SCAL? Many thanks

    • Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for your message & your purchase. Hope u find as many uses as we have for those deckled rectangles – they look great when layered (with smaller & larger versions in project-matching colors).

      To separate them, you could use either the Ungroup or Break Apart features (both under the Object button at the top of your main SCAL window).

      The 2 options both seem to work pretty much the same. The only diff between the two (as far as I can tell) can be seen in the Layers window. Ungroup sends all pieces to their own main layer … Break Apart keeps all the pieces in the same ‘sub-layer’ that they were originally in. Either way, the original file name goes away, so u have to rename it if it matters to u what the name is (if you’re saving the SCAL file for future use maybe).

      From there, u should be able delete, rearrange, resize, copy n paste and all that fun stuff with any of the shapes u choose.

      Hope this helps. I’m here for ya if u ever need more assistance – tis my pleasure to help.

      Thanks again! Happy Crafting & Happy 2011!!

      ~ Vickie 🙂

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