Ever wish you could view your SVG files like you do with JPGs, GIFs, etc.? You know what I mean… view them along side all your other thumbnail images within a Windows folder on your pc or full-sized in Internet Explorer.

I’m not sure how Mac computers work, but I know that those running Windows XP (and likely Vista) or prior are unable to view SVG thumbnails or images in Internet Explorer. But, there’s a solution! Just download either the IE plug-in or Windows plug-in available here: http://www.examotion.com/index.php?id=product_player_download… umm, never mind! That page is now in Japanese or Chinese or something. (Thanks to PJ for pointing this out to me!)

I can’t seem to find a good link to send you to, so, if you still use Windows XP or other 32 bit systems, just email me and I’ll send you the install file that i use. You can also do an internet search for Renesis SVG Browser or Player. If you happen to find a working link that’s in English, let me know and we’ll share it with the world 🙂

Now, you don’t need to save any more JPG versions of your SVGs just so you can view them in IE or their thumbnails in Windows – by eliminating all those JPGs, you save about 50% of the computer memory spent on cutting files! 🙂

Tip: try not to let your digital artwork folders (on your pc) become too full. Trying to load a lot of SVG thumbnails at once can freeze up the window(s) you have open at the time. I just do my best to keep folder sizes small by breaking larger folders down into smaller ones (aka: breaking down my art topics folders into sub-topic folders). Then all the folder’s thumbnails load without freezing up the window.

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