Here’s a pic of the folder I made today.
I used my Cricut to cut some recycled Cuttlebug packaging that I glued into part of a recycled UPS envelope. I use the A Plate, a shim made of aprox 1mm thick chipboard, and 2 B Plates (with my homemade folder w/ paper in between the B Plates) – This is the sandwhich I insert into my Cuttlebug for one pass. 🙂

Please feel free to ask questions if you have any. Just post your questions or comments (by ‘adding a comment’) to any of my posts & I’ll get back to ya ASAP.

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  1. that is really neat I am avery new cuttlebug person and circut create so I look foward to trying some of your wonderful tips and thanks for your sharing pj ps if you dont already have an avon rep check out my web if you wish but dont have too I also sell some time things on ebay under the name Myskow-Vissions thats how I found you. Bless Be P.J.

    • Welcome to the world of crafty bugs (cuttlebugs & cricuts)! I’m glad to hear that you find my tips useful. Please let me know if you have any questions along the way. Happy Crafting!! ~Vickie 🙂

  2. hello! thanks for sharing this. It’s beautiful! I’d like to learn more and try and create. I just received my cricut 2 days ago as an early bday present from my husband =D I really would love to learn more from u. Thanks again and more power to you Vickie! Blessings from Seattle, Wa

    • Go hubby! What a guy; u lucky gal. 🙂

      Thanks for asking… I think I need to record my own YouTube video on the subject. There are a few videos out there (if u want to take a look on YouTube), but there always seems to be that “just 1 or 2 things that I would do differently” from each.

      In short, you start by making the folder base by cutting off 3 sides of a cardboard mailer (so the one side is still attached) – make it whatever size u want to fit your design and then some- just make sure the folder will fit in your machine. Cuttlebugs take folders of any length that are up to about 5 1/2″ wide.

      Now, cut another piece of cardboard (like mailer or cereal box thickness) that is at least a lil smaller than one side of the folder base. You will cut your design out of this piece.

      Then cut out your design – keeping both the positive & negative pieces (aka: the design & the background).

      Start by taking the background or negative piece & put adhesive all over the BOTTOM of it and stick it to one side of the inside of the folder base.

      Now take all the positive pieces and glue them on their TOPs. Put each positive piece (that now has glue on the top of it) back into the background piece that was glued in first – exactly where it came from originally. You r basically putting the cut-up piece of cardboard back together on one side of the inside of the folder base. The negative piece(s) has glue on it’s bottom/back and all the positive pieces have glue on their tops.

      Final step, close the folder base to get all the top-glued positive pieces stuck on the other side of the folder. Rub all over the closed folder evenly (maybe w a brayer) & open slowly watching for pieces that didn’t stick.

      I highly recommend a dry adhesive runner (like the lil palm sized adhesive runners in the craft stores)… Especially if u have medium to smaller details… No glue to ooze all over, sticking things where they don’t belong. Another option would be Zig two-way glue that u apply (to all those lil details/all the positive pieces), let dry, then stick where it goes.

      Hope this helps.

      Gotta run for now, sorry 4 any typos… I’m using my iPhone to get this message out to u asap while I’m away from my pc. I gotta get to makin that video 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

      ~ Vickie

  3. OMG! thanks so much Vickie for making extra effort typing this all up. I really appreciate it and no worries about the typo, i didnt notice any. But yeah, that would be so cool for you to make a video or ur creations. I’ll be your #1 fan for sure! Let me know and keep me updated for any new stuff you do please. Now, let me try this project you’ve just shared with me =D Take cares and GOd bless!

    • Your welcome. Glad you find my postings useful. Sorry to report, I’ve been a lil too busy to get to that video. But I still have it on my ToDo list 🙂

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