Just as the newest Cricut software hits the market (Make the Cut), CraftEdge puts out its newest version of Sure Cuts a Lot (Version 2.006). The new version of SCAL contains many new features that allow users to rely less on third party software titles like InkScape and Adobe Illustrator – much like the new Make the Cut software does.

Not only is CraftEdge keeping up with the Make the Cut company, they are also reconizing and even endorsing one of my favorite SVG suppliers: SVGCuts! I highly suggest you visit their blog today, get yourself some free SVGs and lessons in Sure Cuts a Lot, and leave a comment for Mary and Leo and their crew. You should definitely stop by their store for some of the best SVGs out there!! (In case you didn’t know, SVG files are the ones that Sure Cuts a Lot & Make the Cut use – though they are also able to read from most JPGs and BMPs these days too!)

You can hear more about CraftEdge’s newest features on the SVGCuts website: http://svgcuts.com/blog/?p=4573.

SVGCuts’s blog is also a great place to find all the latest craft store coupons!! You gotta see this: http://svgcuts.com/blog/?p=3197


~Vickie 🙂

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